Have you ever wondered how maintaining good oral health can lead to a longer, healthier life?

There are a number of health conditions that are linked to poor oral health, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and respiratory infections.   Not keeping up with good oral hygiene can also impact on the digestive system.  Because the digestive process begins in the mouth, the oral microbiome (which is essential for maintaining good oral health) can impact digestive health.   

Why are hygiene appointments essential to improved health?

Tending to the oral microbiome is essential for maintaining good oral health and overall well-being. The oral microbiome refers to the diverse community of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and archaea, that inhabit the oral cavity.   Here are several reasons why we should all pay attention to our microbiome:

  1. Maintaining a healthy balance of oral bacteria helps in the proper breakdown of food particles and contributes to overall digestive function.


  1. Maintaining a healthy oral microbiome may contribute to overall systemic health.


  1. A balanced and healthy oral microbiome helps prevent common dental issues such as cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis. Harmful bacteria in the mouth can lead to the formation of plaque, which, if not removed through regular oral hygiene practices, can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease.


  1. A healthy oral microbiome helps in the remineralization of tooth enamel and protects against the demineralization that occurs due to acidic by products produced by certain bacteria. This preservation of tooth structure is crucial for preventing tooth decay and maintaining optimal oral health.


  1. A well-balanced oral microbiome acts as a first line of defence against harmful microorganisms, supporting the immune system’s ability to fend off infections.


  1. The oral microbiome plays a significant role in determining breath odour. Proper oral care helps maintain a more balanced microbiome, reducing the risk of halitosis.


  1. Oral health is interconnected with general well-being and quality of life. Pain and discomfort associated with oral issues can affect an individual’s ability to eat, speak, and socialize, leading to a negative impact on overall health and happiness.
How often should I see my hygienist?

To support a healthy oral microbiome, individuals should practice good oral hygiene, including regular brushing and flossing, limiting sugar intake, and scheduling routine dental check-ups every 3 to 12 months, depending on the condition of your oral health.  Additionally, a balanced diet and lifestyle contribute to overall health, positively influencing the oral microbiome.


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